Elena Krasnoperova

"NEPTUNE - XXI CENTURY", 03, 2000.

The wave was rolled and has receded, having left on a shallow whether a clay vessel with hardly distinct pattern, whether the fragment of a tortoise crest, is no time decorating the fine head. And may, simply it seemed, and it is only polished with water and time a pebble. The shelf does not like to leave the treasures, the little allowing to slightly open a veil of secret and to look...

As if through thickness of water we peer at a classical antiquity on cloths of Moscow artist Igor Chetvertkov. As in a mosaic the artist tries to collect a complete picture from separate fragments and splinters, the portrait is no time the great civilization, left to the future generations classical poetry and theatre, philosophical treatises and magnificent monuments of the fine art. Deep penetration into this world, sincere admiration of him and desire to glance in secrets of a shelf, have lain in a basis of figurative system Chetvertkov.

Him "Ancient cycle" - not illustrated encyclopedia, not reconstruction and exact reproduction of masterpieces of an antiquity and inhabitants of sea depths. Myths and a historical reality, alive and inanimate merge here in a uniform artistic image, integral, monumental, philosophical, emotionally filled, though and given sometimes to the laconic formula or multiple-valued sense. Such symbols the ancient vessels buried in ground silt with braiding them mysterious essences, fantastic prickly the fishes turning around of ruins with ancient texts seem. Thus the side between alive and fossilized is hardly distinct.

Strict selection of graphic motives, their cleanliness and crystallization are entirely compensated by a variety of picturesque means and receptions. Active work with the invoice, frequently making canvases Chetvertkov conformable to a sculpture or a mosaic, at the same time enriches with color, breaking him on the most thin nuances within the framework of uniform coldish scale.

This difference of invoices - a mosaic and a relief - especially involves spectators at exhibitions which at the artist more than hundred, you see are exposed his products from middle of the seventieth years when Igor Chetvertkov still studied on theatrical branch of the Moscow art school of Memory of 1905. Began to work as the theatrical artist. Having travelled all country, he has put over fifty performances.

Igor Chetvertkov has devoted last 10 years to a theme of Antique Greece. Interest to her has arisen after a meeting with Chersonese - fine splinter Hellas . It is a lot of centuries back city filled voices of the Greeks who opened "gold proportion" and have inspired to all future civilizations representation about ideal beauty, about the all-conquering hero and about classical poetry. And now the most part of city has turned to a shelf... Having understood and having experienced all this, the artist wrote the first pictures of a cycle. They were exposed in walls Khersoness of archeologic museum - reserve and made the big success. Then there were exhibitions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, the Great Britain, Cyprus, Japan, USA...

And everywhere pictures of the artist found the special response in hearts of the spectators feeling a hobby, love and fidelity of the artist to the Theme.







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