Elena Krasnoperova "NEPTUNE - XXI CENTURY", 02, 2002


The artist Igor Chetvertkov is very familiar to regular readers of Neptune magazine. We published his work in an earlier edition, eliciting many responses about his art.
Igor continues the work related to his “Continental Shelf” theme, in which he has already created more that 30 paintings.
His art is like a scientist’s work, for he studies the subject deeply, whether it’s Ancient Myth or the underwater world or Alexander the Great. Last fall, Igor’s art was very successful at the Art Festival of the Underwater Images in Antibes, France, because of his devotion to his art, his unusual style, the vivid presentation of his vision, and his “Ancient Hellas” theme itself. By the way, his lack of knowledge of the French language did not stop Igor from striking up friendships with the President of the Festival, Daniel Mersie, as well as French artists Andre Laban and Pascal Lekokk; the language of art is an international language.
The trip to France—to the azure coast, meetings with underwater photographers, filmmakers, sculptors—with art colleagues from different countries gave Igor Chetvertkov a burst of creative energy. As a result, he has opened a new exhibit in Moscow.
…Beautiful Naiads are playing in the azure water with exotic fish, sharply contrasting with the ancient amphora and the remains of Greek mosaic… hair of the Naiads and algae; all of these are mixed together in the fantastic cosmogony…
…The fragment of the ancient glyph of Alexander on horseback comes alive as re-imagined by the artist, who sees through the depth of water…
…Dead and alive are all together: beautiful living fish is calling the mosaic fish to play, which is frozen in the monolith and cannot swim…
Is it possible to “explain” the art? Is it possible to replace colorful art with words or with my interpretation of the artist’s feelings or intentions?
Ultimately, it is necessary to view the art of Igor Chetvertkov in the original; even a perfect reproduction interprets neither the fullness of the color nor the dimension of the vision which brings light, happiness, love to life, and sometimes even forces one to think about true and false, vanity and infinity.
The artist’s success depends on the success of his paintings. His art brings happiness with its positive energy… There is an upcoming exhibit in Greece. The traveling, with its new emotions and new meetings, will definitely bear creative fruit as new paintings from Igor Chetvertkov, artist.







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