Interview with Boris Messerer
from a documentary film “Artist Igor Chetvertkov.”
TV show “Vizavi” in 1993.

I am very pleased that Igor mentioned me as his teacher. We had many interactions, and I was always attracted to his human and artistic personality, especially the calmness and persistence with which he pursued, and achieved, his goal. I felt an immediate connection to his art. I realized later that my intuitive reaction was appropriate.
Igor’s art changes over time, with its periods and different cycles, which I find very attractive. Creative research and hard work stand behind his artwork. I can always recognize his work among other theater art, easel painting, and graphic art. The opportunity to work in any genre is a common desire for many artist. It is rare, however, for a scenographer to branch out this way, as Igor has. But only a true artist, who follows his own muse and expends a great amount of effort without hope of a quick success, can rise in the field of art.






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